Types of personal loans

If you have any urgency, you want to take an opportunity or just give yourself a taste, you can apply for a personal loan. To know the different types of personal loans available in Peru, you should read this article.

What are personal loans?

What are personal loans?

Personal loans are credits that institutions grant to natural persons for different uses. Depending on the type, these loans can be used at your free choice or for a pre-established purpose.

The common characteristic of these credits is that they are granted without collateral, so their interests are very high.

What types of personal loans are there?

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The financial instructions of the Republic of Peru make various types of personal loans available to you. Then you can see what they are:

Cash loan with free availability

It is a personal loan that you receive for a general purpose; that is, it is not anchored to a specific use. Therefore, it is not necessary that when making your request, you specify the use that you will give to the requested capital.

The loan amount you can receive is based on your gross monthly income. Some institutions offer up to 7 times the gross salary, which reaches 9 if you have a payroll account. With a maximum of around 80,000 soles, in both cases.

Salary advance

Salary advance

It is a form of credit that you can only access if you have a payroll account at the institution where you request it. It consists of an advance of between 30% and 40% of the monthly salary that is deposited in your account. It has automatic discount since, once the salary is deposited, the deduction of the loan amount plus interest will occur.

It has the advantage of its rapid approval, since it is only enough to register for the first time in the bank system. Then the credit is easily requested by a phone call, mobile application or via the web. With automatic approval by your financial institution.

Debt Consolidation

Best known for buying debts , this loan is aimed at consolidating your debts into a single one. It allows you to order the payments of your credit card commitments, and other credits, in different institutions.

You should keep in mind that some institutions place as a requirement for this credit, that you acquire a lien insurance.

Student loan

Student loan

They are loans at a very special rate that allow you to finance university studies, both national and foreign. You can use them in undergraduate studies, specializations, diplomas, masters and doctorates.

Both for the payment of tuition, and to finance the expenses related to your studies.

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