Banks with Highest Term Interest

First, let’s examine what is a futures account . A Time Deposit Account is a type of account that cannot be instantly converted to cash. It is a kind of bank product that will be reflected in our account with the gain we will receive after a certain maturity date. However, due to the recent technological developments, digital banking has entered into our lives, and most banks do not have the term to deteriorate. For example, when we prefer daily interest earning banks, even if we withdraw money from the account, the remaining money continues to gain value in the account. However, the longer the term, the more value of money will not forget.

E-term account


In addition, in line with the aforementioned developments, an e-term account has entered our lives. In other words, these completely digital accounts can be controlled through internet banking instead of passbook. You can control your money, return and maturity options without going to branches. Thus, it is possible to say that it has more returns than other futures accounts. However, it is worth noting that the longer the term, the higher your earnings are , as in normal-term accounts. What are the current interest rates of banks? Which bank offers the highest interest rate ? The banks that issue the highest term interest are up to date.

What are the Banks with the Highest Interest Rates?

What are the Banks with the Highest Interest Rates?


The list we have compiled from the current information of the banks includes the information obtained from the websites of the banks. Some banks may apply different interest rates to their clients. By following the steps below, you can open a futures account and learn your specific interest rate. The banks to be listed below are the banks with the highest term interest All futures account options of the banks will be listed below, then collected in one place with an informative picture.

The interest rates of the banks we have selected are as above. Thanks to these interest rates, we tried to list the banks that value your money the most. This information has been taken up to date from the official websites of the banks and is kept up to date. It will be updated if it sees any changes. In addition, you can see the interest rates offered by all other banks in the table below. Our list of banks with the highest interest rates .

The Banks with the Highest Interest Rates

The banks and interest rates in the table are determined on the maximum amounts you will deposit. Please note that these interest rates may vary if you deposit low amounts. Daily returns on the amount you deposit with the extension of the maturity period is proportional to remind you that we see the benefits.

How to Open a Time Deposit Account?



If you do not have a time deposit account yet, you can visit the branches of the banks and apply for a new account. It will start processing your account within minutes. In addition, if you are using internet banking in the bank you want to open an account with, you can open your account and start using your account by logging into internet banking by adding a new account from the My Accounts menu.

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